Integrate to Upgrade Network
Integrate to Upgrade Network

Integrate to Upgrade Network

A community of wellness-conscious women learning and sharing about mindset, health & sustainability.

Welcome to The Integrate to Upgrade Network!

A virtual community for wellness-conscious women dedicated to learning and sharing ideas and resources for personal development, self-care, and self-love.

Network and build relationships, cultivate vibrant health and expand your mindset, for a more sustainable life.

It’s free to join! 

What you have access to with a free membership:

  • Your own profile with picture, bio, links, profession (great for networking and offering services) 

  • Exclusive content, inspiration and conversations you can’t find anywhere else. 

  • A community of women who share your interests, work in similar fields, and add to your individual journey.

  • Events calendar: attend and list your own wellness events!

  • Music playlists to jam out to, and book clubs to join. 


Take your upgrade a step further and dive deeper into your self expansion with one of our specialized self-guided courses. 

The i2u lifestyle focuses on 5 foundational aspects of life:

  1. Mindset
  2. Relationships
  3. Nutrition
  4. Self-Care
  5. Green Living

 Choose your own adventure with personal growth as the outcome!

1. Mindset Fundamentals - Reprogram your thought patterns and break past limiting beliefs.

Mindset in the foundation for everything

2. Relationships Fundamentals - Uncover the limiting patterns that have been holding you back from creating more fulfilling, successful relationships. 

"Cultivate fulfilling Relationships that support you"

3. Nutrition Fundamentals - Experience vibrant health according to your bio-individuality and bodies unique needs.

"Eat that which has been touched by the sun"

4. Self-Care Fundamentals - Treat your body like a temple. Rituals and daily self-care practices for every one of your “bodies” - Physical, Energetic, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual.

 "Self-care is the new health care"

5. Green Living Fundamentals - Reduce your toxic load with Eco conscious choices and lifestyle swaps for a healthy home. 

"Green is the new black."